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Skin Care Habits: 3 Tips for a Glowing Complexion

by Kathy Ashley

Skin Care Habits: 3 Tips for a Glowing Complexion

Skin care habits and lifestyle contribute more to skin health than anything else. Though products do make a big difference, if you don’t also have good practices around skin care then results can be lacking and short-lived. For a healthier complexion, start with a holistic concept.


Holistic Skin Care

Diet and nutrition, lifestyle habits and skin care products — all play an important role in skin health. That’s why it is essential to approach skin care from a holistic standpoint. So, be sure to focus on all the components of skin health, not just the products you’re using.


Diet and Nutrition for Skin Care

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Eat mostly raw, plant-based foods. These foods contain all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary for healthier skin and a more youthful body, inside and out.

The number one contributor to healthy skin is diet. Whole foods and dark leafy green vegetables, rich in a vast array of vitamins and minerals, provide proper nourishment for the skin.


Drink high quality water throughout the day.  Adequate skin carehydration benefits the skin by helping the body to operate more efficiently and enhancing detoxification. It also provides more energy. Try to drink half your body weight in ounces per day, starting with a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. High quality spring water or alkaline water made with spring water is the best choice.

Foods high in water content are also very helpful in maintaining hydration. Cucumbers, celery, fruit, leafy greens, tomatoes and carrots are among those highest in water.


Lifestyle Skin Care Habits

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Develop a daily skin care routine. Not just a boring routine, but a twice daily ritual. Taking your time, go through your whole skin care practice in the morning and again in the evening before bed.

Use this time to unwind and enjoy doing something just for you. Make it special. Approach it with love. An inviting setup might include having all your products displayed in a nice tray on the bathroom vanity.


Destress and get some rest. Ongoing stress and lack of skin carerest always shows on the face. While it is impossible to escape all stress, there are ways to minimize it. Get a massage, start a meditation practice, start an exercise program or take a yoga class. Any of these would be helpful in reducing stress levels.

Getting enough sleep at night does wonders for the skin. The body uses this precious downtime to detoxify and rejuvenate while the skin exfoliates itself, which starts a few hours after initially falling asleep. If sleeping hours are often cut short or otherwise hindered (perhaps by stress), the body can’t finish its work and overall health suffers.


Skin Care Products

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Use the best, most effective natural skin care products.  Raw, unrefined and truly natural skin care products are the best for your skin and your body, for many reasons. A few of those include:

  • The right blend of natural ingredients are much more effective.
  • Contains powerful nutrients beneficial for your skin and your body.
  • Free of chemicals that are known to disrupt the body’s endocrine system, as outlined in this study.
  • Safe preservation with natural ingredients.

Our skin care products are all this and so much more. Formulated with raw, unrefined and natural ingredients to deeply nourish and soften the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and hyper-pigmentation (dark spots).

Pamper yourself with our luxurious skincare creations. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with your skin again. But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself, risk free, today. Shop now.

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Kathy Ashley
Kathy Ashley


Owner and CEO at Sovereign Skincare. Natural skincare formulator, holistic health coach, anti-aging expert, herbalist, vegan, raw food enthusiast.

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